With the Help of Technology, Eric Lefkofsky Makes Lives Better

Eric Lefkofsky is probably most well-known for helping create the website that gives millions of people discounts on everything from workouts to concerts, commonly known as Groupon. What many people do not know is that he has funded many entrepreneurial ventures throughout his lifetime and continues to be a transformer in the world of technology even today.

He started his career by attending the University of Michigan where he obtained his bachelor’s degree and then went on to their law school, where he graduated in 1993 with his Doctor of Jurisprudence. While there he met Brad Keywell and after graduation they bought Brandon Apparel. They created a separate company, Starbelly that sold items on the internet early on, selling it to Halo Industries in 2000. Having hand in several other companies after Starbelly, in 2007 Lefkofsky provided one million dollars in funding to thepoint.com, an idea created by Andrew Mason. This made Eric Lefkofsky a co-founder and eventually thepoint.com changed their name to groupon.com. Eventually, in 2013, he became the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Two years later he stepped down as CEO and became a Chairman, focusing his efforts on Tempus, a company that uses technology to give personalized care to cancer patients. He and Keywell also have supported over one hundred more ventures with their capital firm Lightbank , including dating app Coffee Meets Bagel.

In addition to his personal businesses, he also supports numerous philanthropy endeavors along with his wife, in their organization called the Lefkofsky Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to support programs, research, and initiatives that make the quality of human life better. They do this by supporting educational access for everyone, innovative medical research, and cultural initiatives among others. This foundation has supported organizations such as Teach for America, Medical Missions for Children, and the Art Institute of Chicago. Another large support of the Lefkofsky’s is 1871 FEMtech which supports women in the field of tech entrepreneurs break into the industry.

Going full circle to help others, Lefkofsky is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago and wrote the book Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation, a book that focuses on how to help startups survive in a world that is constantly changing based on the fast paced technology. It has received four out of five stars according to GoodReads. His transformation of the world might just expand beyond the world of technology and into the world where children get better educations and people get a better life with the help of technology.

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