What Whitney Wolfe Has To Say About The Heteronormative Rules Of Dating

Whitney Wolfe has noticed a lot about dating when she has started her own dating app. When she has noticed these rules, she has also noticed other rules about other aspects of life that she doesn’t agree with. For one thing, she has stated that the rules of dating put women under men by a peg.

Wolfe is hoping to reverse this in the field of technology. She wants women to play on an even playing field so that they do not experience any of the disadvantages of online dating. However, a lot of men would say that dating is very easy for a woman compared to how it is for a man.

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One thing that Whitney Wolfe recognizes is pressure on both sides of dating. For one thing, the woman is pressured into waiting for a man to talk to her while the man is pressured into making the first move. Then the women have to deal with pressure and fear of the unknown when she rejects a man that she is not interested in. Even a polite rejection can bring about some unwanted and unnecessary consequences. This is one of the reasons that Whitney Wolfe encourages women to make the first move in dating.

Whitney Wolfe did not stop at dating. She understands that women are at a major disadvantage when it comes to employment and business. This has inspired her to develop an extension to Bumble called Bumble Bizz. This allows women to connect with one another for business opportunities that allow them to advance in areas where they would not have been able to without Bizz. Women can find people to connect with in the case they want to find a good job or start a business of their own. Women no longer have to be subject to humiliation and degradation in order to be able to support themselves.

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