Vijay Eswaran Talks About His Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey

As one of the founders of QI Group, Vijay is happy about the success of the company. The shrewd entrepreneur posits that when he returned to Asia in the 90’s, the economic crisis had affected all businesses.

To this end, he did not have adequate capital and connections. However, he drew his inspiration from his like-minded partners and the support that he received from his dear wife.

The alumnus of the revered London School of Economics has extensive experience in the competitive direct selling business. He contends that while he was working abroad, a friend told him about the advantages of multi-level marketing (MLM). He developed a deep interest for this model. When he returned to Malaysia, he was able to learn more about the model by virtue of working for Cosway’s, a reputable MLM company. At the corporation, Vijay was mandated with the duty of expanding its operations.

The alumnus of Southern Illinois University says that success and challenges are interwoven. Vijay posits that he deals with both issues by embracing them. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

To him, failure and success are elements of the same growth path in his professional and personal life. Besides expanding QI Group’s activities, Eswaran is heavily involved in establishing a University of Malaysia. He posits that the first batch was scheduled to graduate this year. The entity operates from Ipoh city, a small town north of Kuala Lumpur.

Vijay contends that they are planning to establish a QI City. It will have a residential block, new permanent campus, a park, as well as hostel blocks for students, shopping complex and a teaching referral that will support the institution’s medical program.

Vijay posited that the huge undertaking would keep them busy for some years. The shrewd entrepreneur contended that he was looking forward to having a green campus that is eco-friendly and pollution free. He is optimistic that the institution will attract an international student community that will be proud of being part of what Vijay calls “The Harvard of the East.”

Vijay Eswaran posits that when he was growing up, his father taught him an important lesson-“Service above Self.” He contends that he has been teaching his employees about the same lesson. Vijay says that although they run a global company, they have a soul of a small entity.


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  1. For me it is a huge challenge which I set for myself on a daily basis to thrive in what ever I do in life in order for me to be successful. The success story of Vijay according to superior writers is one that is truly an inspiration to a lot of young business persons like me out there as learning from him might help us contend with some of the challenges out there in the industry.

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