Traveling Vineyard – A Sweet and Intoxicating Business Model

Hosting wine tasting events at home is hardly the average person’s idea of making a living. However, for those who have tried it, it has turned out to be one of the best occupations anyone can ask for. Think about it: you get to taste a variety of wines at the comfort of your home in the company of potential customers.

This exciting new work-at-home occupation is made possible by Traveling Vineyard, a company with a soft spot for wine. Here is what Traveling Vineyard is all about.

Traveling Vineyard’s entire business model is based around wine. To start with, it has a line of 21 varieties of wine in three categories: red wine, white wine, and sweet and fizzy wine. Additionally, the company has a vast inventory of wine accessories including openers, decanters, chillers, and glass, among others.
Traveling Vineyard stands out from its competitors by getting freelancers to host wine tasting events on its behalf. The company currently has over 1,000 wine guides in over 40 states, and it is constantly looking for more.

Here is what it means to be a wine guide under Traveling Vineyard.

Becoming a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

For such an enticing occupation, it does not take much to become a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard. In fact, all it takes is passion for wine and a joining fee of $174 to join the team. The joining fee is essentially you staring capital as it is used to pay for the success kit for beginners and your first two tasting sets. However, there are a lot of money-making opportunities to be explored once you join the team; you just need to be good at socializing and marketing.

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Benefits of Becoming a Wine Guide

The best thing about being a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard is that there is no limit to how much you can earn. This is because the compensation model is based on commissions. The commissions range from 15 percent to 35 percent depending on your monthly sales volume. What’s more, the payment schedule is flexible as your earnings are directly deposited three times a month.

There are also several other ways of earning more money as a wine guide. For starters, you can recruit more wine guides and receive a commission once their earnings surpass a set monthly threshold. You also stand to receive unspecified commissions for outstanding work such as bulk sales. And, in addition to getting 20 percent off on your wine purchases, you stand to win all-expenses-paid trips for meeting some of the set milestones.


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