Tony Petrello Is Always There In A Time Of Need

After a disaster, you can tell which people and businesses truly care about the victims based on their actions. A company that truly cares about the community, like Nabors Industries, will surely go out of their way to help out anyone who needs assistance.

After Hurricane Harvey, the CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello, told his workers to go take off time from work in order to help out the victims. They all spent their free time helping people out. They donated almost 175,000 dollars to the relief efforts. Tony Petrello himself matched that donation with a donation of his own.

Tony Petrello also donated money after past disasters occurred. He has helped fund various organizations that help out people nationwide. He even set up his own organization, the Nabors Charitable Foundation, to help out those in need.

Tony Petrello has been known as a philanthropist for a long time. He and his wife are both generous givers to charity. They donate to charities all around the country and the world, but charities that are based in Texas are their favorite. That is because Houston is his home and where he lives.

Another issue that Tony Petrello loves supporting is research and support for children with neurological conditions according to Those in the know are aware of Tony’s daughter, who was born too early and therefore developed a neurological disorder called cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy has a significant effect on people’s lives. It prevents them from moving around properly, and it inhibits their motor control. Tony Petrello did a lot of research on neurological disorders after his daughter was born and diagnosed. What he found was that there was a lack of sufficient research on the topic. He began to gather support for new research on the topic. He and Dan Duncan both contributed money for the first research center on neurological disorders in children at Texas Children’s Hospital, called the Neurological Research Institute. There is no doubt that many children have been helped as a result of this institute. They continue to come up with new ways to treat and heal children who suffer from neurological disorders. Tony donated seven million dollars and gave them his full support. As a result of his support, they invited him to sit on the board. He continues to fundraise for the hospital.

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  1. It isn’t always pleasant to be giving to those in need but some persons find joy in doing that and as such they are worthy to be commended. In the view of I consider him to be an angel that got a big heart for the people around him and we don’t see such gestures always from people.

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