The Unheard Story Behind EOS Success

For decades, the lip balm industry has been dominated by a few major companies such as Blistex and Chapstick. The lack of competition has driven these companies to focus on cutting costs rather than pushing boundaries. While other entrepreneurs would see this as a dying market, the founders behind the Evolution of Smooth saw opportunity. In an exclusive interview with Fast Company, Sanjah Mehra and Jonathan Teller revealed the success behind EOS.

First and foremost, EOS decided to enter the lip balm industry with a completely revolutionized approach. Instead of catering to both genders, EOS designed and marketed their products specifically for women. After all, a large majority of all lip balm sales were accounted for by women alone. This decision allowed EOS lip balm to create a fashionable and aesthetic product that broke the traditional concept of lip balm.

Mehra and Teller hired a clay artist to create some mock designs for their lip balm product. They decided on a spherical orb that would feel satisfying to use. Additionally, the team decided to create several different flavors and colors to make their products more interesting and appealing. In fact, it is this versatility and variety that has helped to set EOS lip balm apart from the competition.

After successfully selling their product in major retailers such as Well, Walmart and Target, EOS decided to invest in their own manufacturing facility. This investment ensured EOS founders increased oversight and control over the final product. In the long run, it was also was a more cost-effective decision as the company continued to sell millions of units. Advertising was another important factor in creating the success of the EOS Company. Famous artists such as Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato were used to promote on Facebook the company’s unique style of lip balm. EOS actually became the most active advertisers in their market.

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