The Original Habanero Shaker: Joel Friant

Joel Friant is such a person who is passionate for learning new things at regular intervals of time. It is his interest that made him a serial Entrepreneur, a successful trainer, speaker and a free market enthusiast and still it’s not the end. He also has the mastery on real estate, home based business and in the product creation.

Joel gave a start to his career from home with remodeling and the real estate business and finally followed by starting the restaurant business in 1995. The most admiring skill about Joel Friant is that he has a helping nature.He always tries to guide the person and has helped numerous people to meet their expectations.

The restaurant business started by him gave him the platform to take his love for Habanero Chile pepper to the next level by creating his flagship product termed as Habanero Shaker. The motivation behind creating the Original Habanero Shaker took the roots in his minds when he realized that there was shortage of habanero shakers in the market at that time and the one’s which were present was either mixed product or contained cheap salt.


About the Joel Friant’s creation: Habanero Shaker.

  • It is made from the original 100% flaked Habanero Chile Pepper which is one of the hottest and most flavoured Pepper on the earth.
  • It is sugar free, gluten free and is much ideal for vegetarians.
  • It is also free from any external additives, salt, sugar and other spices.
  • Its hotness could be analyzed from the fact that it contains around 200,00 Scoville heat units which is 30x hotter than Jalapeno.
  • It’s one of the interesting feature is that, it is safe concerning the health issue and it contains high amount of capsaicin which induces the brain to produce and release endorphins which is a natural painkiller.


Joel’s step by step success:

 Began his career in real estate business

 Started restaurant business in1995

 Created the original Habanero Shaker

 Ventured into the mortgage business in 2003 to help people to become homeowners.

 Being inspired by the work of Wallace Wattles and Maxwell Maltz Joel published his own success concepts “The Income Thermostat”.

 Started to write the articles for success which are presently published worldwide.

 Started to do the online business in 2012 upon selling the products on Amazon and eBay.


The fantasy of Joel Friant and his creation Habanero Shaker connote the fact that, it’s persons hard work finally which matters in any sort of business for success.

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