The Exception Real Estate Development Strategies of Jason Halpern

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The United States’ reals estate development industry is a competitive field, and people need to be innovative for them to be successful. One of the leading professionals in the sector is Jason Halpern. He has been a leading real estate developer from close to three decades, and this has enabled him to acquire enough experience. Mr. Halpern has been conducting his ventures through JMH Development, which is a company that he founded in the early 1990s. He is the current MD of the real estate development firm, and its main offices are located in Brooklyn, New York. JMH Development has built an excellent reputation for the remarkable commercial and residential projects that it has completed in many cities across the United States. Halpern uses his skill and experience to guide the company in building top-notch housing. The strategies that he uses include renovating old buildings across the country and maintaining their historic features. His firm has been engaging communities in all its construction projects.


Halpern has developed outstanding real estate development expertise due to his background. Most of his family members are professionals in the industry, and his father owned a development company. His family has been actively involved in the field for three generations now. Most of their real estate construction projects have been in Brookline and New York. Jason has grown in the sector due to his commitment to developing state-of-the-art buildings by renovating old structures that are not in use. He consults locals before conducting any renovation projects.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft Property

One of JMH Development’s significant accomplishments is the transformation of 184 Kent Avenue that was located in Brooklyn, New York. The company modernized the building, and it currently comprises of luxurious apartments. 184 Kent Avenue was on the National Historic Register as one of the significant buildings in the area, and therefore, Halpern engaged the community before starting its renovation. JMH Development changed it into a residential building that comprises of 340 top-notch rental apartments. The transformation of the building was done in an innovative way that led to its recognition by the Building Brooklyn Award. The company also ensured that it maintained all the historical feature of 184 Kent Avenue

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Jason Halpern also led his company in the development of the Aloft South Beach, which was a luxurious hotel that was located close to the Miami Beach. The facility was established through the renovation of Motel Ankara and was launched in 2005. The Aloft South Beach comprised of 235 lavish rooms that had excellent interior designs. The firm developed eight stories on Motel Ankara, but its most important features were retained. JMH Development has completed projects that are valued at over $500 million.


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