The Administration Of OSI Group In The Last One Century

OSI Group is a food production company with headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. The company was set up in order to address the challenges that people encountered in the food production industry at the beginning of the past century. Otto Kolschoswky, a German immigrant living in Chicago established a butcher shop that developed into OSI Group.

OSI now has a presence in 17 countries and over 65 production plants around the globe. Kolschowsy set the ball rolling for his two sons, Arthur and Harry, who took over the leadership of the company after their father left. Harry and Arthur then left the company to Sheldon Lavin, a third partner who joined the company in 1975.

Harry and Arthur did a great job of transforming the company. When they were incorporated into the meat business by their father, the business was renamed, Otto & Sons. The business remained under this title until 1970’s when Sheldon Lavin joined the top management team as a managing partner with equal rights as the rest. The company was also on the verge of taking its operations, and therefore a transformation was necessary. Under the management of the three partners, the operations of the company were smooth. Sheldon Lavin had brought financial expertise in the company’s management, making it easy for it to go ahead with international expansion.

Two partners left the company at different times leaving Sheldon as the only partner. Mr. Lavin gained full control of the OSI Group and could make decisions in any way he wanted. Under his leadership, the trend of growth that existed with all the partners went on. The international growth has picked momentum after Sheldon Lavin brought in a team of food production experts who research about new practices which can create more room for growth. OSI Group has taken sustainability, research, and development as some of the critical factors that will keep the company on a path of growth.

OSI Group has made serious steps towards international expansion. In the last two years, OSI has executed local and international expansion plans. There was the addition of a production plant in Chicago and the acquisition of two food production companies in Europe. The ongoing development has taken the company further up, and now it is one of the best companies in the food production business. Overall across all industries, it is ranked number 58 among the top 100 private businesses in the United States.


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