Sawyer Howitt – New Upcoming Financial Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt is the current Project Manager at Meriwether Group, which is a company that thrives on providing execution and opportunities within other start-up companies. They allow clients to mix and match their special needs within their company to adhere to tools needed to allow company growth. Sawyer is the son of the founder within the company and has provided much needed talent for the overall business purposes of the company.

Sawyer is a senior in high school who has focused much of his studies on several different internships and other financial business ventures. He has taken a keen interest to the company and how it specifically relates to his abilities. As the Project Manager, he understands the operational and financial needs of the business, ensuring that each spreadsheet is specific and all presentations are perfect.

Although Sawyer Howitt is still very young, he has a wide range of experience and diversity. He has also been involved in philanthropic organizations that are geared towards supporting educational funding and affirming women’s rights. After high school, he plans to pursue a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance at the University of California. His viable experience within the industry and his sense of understanding has led him to many successful business opportunities. As he continues to grow with his future endeavors, he looks forward to learning more about the world of entrepreneurs and what he can do to help others. When he isn’t busy with school or work, he enjoys fly fishing on the river and playing racquetball.


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