Robert Ivy Helps Transform The Profession Of Architecture For The 21st Century

Robert Ivy has fashioned an excellent career in the field of Architecture and he currently serves as the Executive Vice President and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). They are the leading professional organization in the United States for architects and designers with more than 250 chapters across the nation. They also number over 90,000 members who seek to advance the profession and deepen their influence throughout the country.

Advocacy is one of the primary responsibilities of Ivy in his role of leadership and he is helping the public understand the expertise and value of architects. They have a keen understanding of environmental issues that new buildings are faced with and they are also deeply concerned with sustainability in new construction. Additionally, they are driven to combine aesthetically pleasing structures with functionality in regards to the aforementioned issues. All of these things help architects better serve and design elements of local communities and Ivy is a potent force on their behalf.

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The AIA has undergone some notable changes as Robert Ivy has positioned them to transform the architectural profession during the 21st century. He has improved the decision-making process of the AIA by streamlining their organizational structure. He has also been instrumental in improving their infrastructure by adopting a digital-first ecosystem. He has also helped them launch an award-winning awareness campaign that emphasizes the value and abilities of architects to make a substantial impact on local communities.

Today’s pressing issues is where significant efforts are being made by Ivy and others to underscore the role of architecture in community development. Sustainability is an important issue and an opportunity for architects to shine as they design attractive buildings that are energy conscious. Climate change is an area that is changing the conversation among community developers and the AIA is playing an important role in this as well. Public health is another crucial consideration that can be addressed by knowledgeable professionals in the architectural field and Robert Ivy continues to lead the AIA in light of these critical areas.

Robert Ivy had a distinguished tenure as the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record which is a prominent trade publication. During his time there, they became the most widely read architectural journal in the world. He is also the author of a noted biography of Fay Jones, who was a protege of Frank Lloyd Wright. The Art Library Society of North America gave the book high marks for scholarship and design.

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