Robert Deignan’s Path To Becoming An Entrepreneur

The Founder and acting chairman of ATS digital services LLC, Robert Deignan, is a Florida native with a B.S in Organizational leadership from Purdue University. He co-founded Advanced Tech Services when he saw a need for a digital service provider that put its consumers’ needs first. Unlike the existing players in the software Industry, comprehensive customer relations make the foundation of ATS. He has cultivated a culture that promotes good customer services, and all his employees have adhered to it.

Prior to ATS digital services, he had worked as the Senior Vice President for an anti-malware software company called iS3. Here, Robert Deignan and his partners experienced technical difficulties installing their software in customers machines. Through the process of finding a solution to the hazard, they learned that it was a malware product that was preventing the installation and together they came up with a remote-control program that involved an in-house agent that would connect to user’s machines to help get rid of it. This procedure worked and thus created trust with their clients.

Following the success of the scheme, Robert and his colleagues figured out they could charge a fee for the service, therefore moved and ventured into a digital service operator, ATS. On top of providing excellent technical services to their customers, they have maintained the highest level of customer relations. They have recently been AppEsteem certified, and Dennis Batchelder applauded them saying it was now possible to close down depraved call centers that hadn’t met the AppEsteem standards and were mishandling consumers.

Robert Deignan has attributed his success in the industry to his habit of analyzing numbers. He takes time to think through ideas and case studies before he can decide on whether or not they are worth it. He says that any successful person pays a lot of attention to numbers to know if the methods they are using are working, need to be improved upwards or pulled down. Robert believes that time is a valuable resource and if anyone is going to take it up, it should be on something that will elevate their opportunities

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