Rebel Wilson Shares her Background In Australia

Rebel Wilson is a producer, writer, and actress from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She was born in 1990 and became active as an entertainer in 2003 after graduating from the Australian Theatre for Young People. Her first comedy series was Pizza, in Australia, and then she joined The Wedge, a sketch comedy show.

She has appeared in multiple Hollywood movies since that time. Among these are What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Struck by Lightning, and A Few Best Men. She has won multiple awards during the course of her career such as for playing Fat Amy in the movie series Pitch Perfect. Other awards she has won include the Choice Movie Actress at the Teen Choice Awards and the Best Breakthrough Performance Award at the MTV awards show.

Rebel Wilson is known as a rebel with an infectious spirit. She is a confident woman who is also funny and down-to-earth. She can be raucous in her comedy and yet comes across as an earnest person. Her ability to deadpan her lines while offering just a hint of a smile has led to her gaining a lot of fans over the years.

She has overcome her share of hardships as everyone does. Rebel Wilson had a TV show that was canceled and she had a high-profile relationship that didn’t work out. She has shown, though, that she can get past all of that and progress her life and career despite any setbacks. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

She jokes that she was born on the poor side of Sydney, Australia. She has three siblings who are Ryot, Liberty, and Annachi. Her parents bred Beagles for a living. Rebel Wilson says she was very shy as a child to the point of it being a social disorder. To help her out her mom drove her to an acting class and, despite her fears, her mom left her there for two hours.

Once she gained some confidence, Rebel Wilson had decided to “get a personality”. She decided to join debate clubs when she was 15-years-old at school so she could speak her mind more often. She credits her high school drama teacher with helping her not be so socially awkward by getting her to sign up for the “Tournament of the Minds” competition which involved improvisation. She says she just barely surpassed the goal of her own character building deadline.

Rebel Wilson says she was encouraged by her all-girls high school to achieve whatever she wanted. She took that and ran while saying she feels lucky that she was told to go after her dreams and that whatever it was a girl could do that.

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