Rebel Wilson Has A Unique Background And Is Excited About Her Upcoming Movie

Rebel Wilson, an Australian actress really embraces her name because she believes she fits the definition of a rebel. She has a unique approach to life and when she’s determined to fight for something dear to her heart, she goes all in on it. Wilson has been most excited about her new movie, “Isn’t It Romantic,” a romance comedy coming out just one day before Valentine’s Day in 2019. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

In this film she plays the role of an architect named Natalie who ends up finding herself in crazy movie come to life situation in which she has to make certain decisions on love and find her way back to reality. Wilson has enjoyed this, and her acting career goes back several years leading up to her lead role in this film.

Rebel Wilson loved the theater going back to her days at the private boarding school she attended as a young girl. When she attended the University of New South Wales, she studied law full-time but spent some time on the side at the Australian Theatre for Young People.

Though comic routines were not her original passion, she explained that one of her stage acts had caused the audience to start laughing, a moment that was at first awkward for her, but one she came to embrace.

Her first major appearances were on Australian television in the sitcoms “Pizza” and “The Wedge.” Her first role in a major US film was Brynn in the romance comedy “Bridesmaids.” She then went on to star in the “Pitch Perfect” series and “Grimsby” and along with “Isn’t It Romantic” is also working on another 2019 release known as “The Hustle.”

Rebel Wilson has some notable interests beyond just acting. She’s been involved in different philanthropies such as sponsoring education for children from third world countries, and she was pleased to announce that one of them just won a college scholarship.

She also has some interest in real estate investing from closely following the reality show “Flipping Out,” and she has put a lot of exquisite design into both her Hollywood and Sydney properties.

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