Political Activist George Soros Is A Protector of Human Rights

One thing is true about Donald Trump. He doesn’t like to reveal his tax information. Several anti-Trump protests on Tax Day were trying to force the issue, but Trump is firm. He wants to be secretive and elusive. George Soros, the hedge fund billionaire, and Democratic donor supports several organizations. Some of those organizations are trying to show Trump uncensored. But Soros is not breaking any laws or stepping on any toes in the process of outing Trump for who he is. Some news stories about Soros are more fiction than fact when it comes to the Open Society founder’s intentions. George Soros is a Democrat and a freedom fighter. For the last 25 years, Soros has given organizations money to promote human rights, freedom, and Democracy. There is nothing sinister about George Soros. His intentions are good, and his mission hasn’t changed.

Soros is a cheerleader for social justice. He became a social justice cheerleader at the London School of Economics. Philosopher Henri Louis Bergson is the first person to use the phrase “open society.” An open society gives citizens the right to ask questions and change government institutions that restrict freedom and human rights. One professor at the London School of Economics wrote a book about that concept. George Soros was intrigued by the open society form of government. Years later, Soros founded the Open Society Foundation. The Open Society Foundation donates millions of dollars to organizations that promote the principles of an open society.

Hillary Clinton thought Soros was doing the right thing by promoting freedom and human rights and protecting the core values of Democracy. Soros was a major campaign donor, and he ultimately donated more than $17 million to various Democratic candidates. All of those candidates were supporters of prison, immigration, and social reforms. Governments that are closed and are nationalistic in nature are the opposite of free, according to Soros. Governments that take a position of superiority do not serve the people. They serve the leaders of the government. Soros is willing to spend millions to stop those governments. The Trump administration is riddled with superiority issues, and those issues will create an enormous amount of undesirable consequences for America and other countries. Know more on investopedia.com about George Soros.

Stories about George Soros and his political and personal contributions, continue to embellish the fiction that surrounds Mr. Soros. The real George Soros is the man who warns the world about a looming global recession and the pitfalls of a shoddy migration plan. Soros is the man who will continue to protect human rights and stand up for the freedom of all people. Soros is the guy that broke the Bank of England, and he is in the process of breaking Donald Trump for all the right reasons.

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