Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Continues to Blaze the Trail

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a leading wholesale title and document processing company that was established in 1991 and today is the largest lien release and assignments provider in the world. Nationwide is the key choice of eight out of the top ten retail mortgage and banking organizations in the United States.


They are very well trained and even have an additional 100 advanced training modules which help with advancement to supervisor and management positions.


Employees like working at Nationwide, and they tend to stay. The working environment is challenging in the scope of what the employees accomplish, but it is a very positive experience when the amount of backup and technology is taken into consideration. Everything is at the fingertips of a service employee, which makes their job more predictable and convenient.


For the past five out of six years, Nationwide has been voted by an independent agency to be among the top 100 best places to work, as pointed out by the Tampa Bay Times. That is an honor that not may companies would receive in a lifetime, set alone for several years in a row.


In a recent interview at a national convention, Nationwide CEO John Hillman was sharing some of the attributes of Nationwide’s rise in the mortgage industry. He mentioned the stress that the work requirements could put on employees if they didn’t have a way to compensate. The standards are high, but the ability to offer programs that make work fun is very important in a high stress, detailed type of work that is required in the mortgage industry.


Hillman went on to say that the industry talks a lot about compliance, but it is not always the final result that everyone hopes it will be. He said that the key is for individual companies to set the objects at the high point and then publically address the issues and meet the objectives. That will solve any compliance issue when it is successful.


Nationwide ranks in the top 500 fastest growing companies in America and it doesn’t seem like that is going to slow down. When you are in great demand, you simply create the infrastructure to handle it and plan for more growth. Nationwide is certainly poised to do just that and the future looks very bright indeed.


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