Mike Baur & Swiss Startup Factory Helping New Businesses Succeed

At just age 39, Mike Baur had officially put in 20 years operating as a financier in Switzerland. By that time, Mike had acquired two MBAs from two institutions: University of Berne and University of Rochester New York. Mike had pursued an entry-level position with UBS, tailed by operating with Clariden Leu and in the long run got a chance to engage on the key financial institution directors’ board. The opportunity was a blessing from heaven for Mike Baur who had envisioned about a profession in the banking sector since he was a kid. In 2014, Baur chose to resign and start putting resources into new companies.

In the wake of putting resources into various new businesses, Mike acknowledged that a considerable number of business people running organizations required help to succeed. Understanding that he had the preparation and associations to enable young business people to stand up and enhance their organizations, Mike and his two of his companions, Oliver Welzer and Max Meister chose to make another business hatchery to help them. Thus, in 2014 they established the Swiss Startup Factory. The organization chooses a number of new businesses every year and furnishes them with training and coaching which is needed to fabricate a strong establishment.

Mike and companions’ program goes for three months. Amid that time the business people are guided on the business abilities which they should apply to get their organizations up and running. After the new businesses finish the Swiss Startup Factory program and are on strong footing, Mike and his group interfaces them to business contacts and investors all around the globe. That has assisted the new companies to thrive and have the fortitude to beat any difficulties they experience. Notwithstanding his working with Swiss Startup Factory, Mike operates with various business hatcheries in Switzerland.

Putting effort to make the organization a leading private-financed startup hatchery takes most of Mike’s time. The Wall Street Journal featured his work concerning the company in the year 2016 and pointed that SSF assumes a vital part in the improvement of various Swiss advanced new companies. Mike is both a board member and investor in a significant number of firms. This abandons him with a ‘storm plan’ that alters quickly according to the necessities of the organizations. To make sure he remains productive in the sector, Mike focuses on vital and urgent matters and just operates with organizations with a decent shot for progress on the foundation of market research.


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