Marketing for a Global Effort

There are many animal lovers in this world and many like to help out when they can. This is true for Bob Reina, founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is an organization that supports numerous charities and animal causes all over the world. They collect funds and use these to help as many organizations as they can.


Bob Reina started his adult life at the University of South Florida. He went on to be the number one graduate in his police academy class. He spent a few years on the police force but his passion for marketing never faded. He wanted more and that brought him to leave the police force. He started Talk Fusion and used it to fuel his marketing passion.


Marketing is how funds for Talk Fusion are raised. They are always thinking to new ways to use marketing and how it will help their clients. Funds raised through their marketing efforts are then sent all over the globe. Recently, a one million dollar donation was given to The Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Another large donation was given to an orphanage in Indonesia. These are just some of the ways the monies raised by Talk Fusion have gone on to help.


The number one reason for the existence of Talk Fusion is to give back. Talk Fusion has partnered with many charitable organizations and animal causes and everything that Talk Fusion does it to help out their partners. Bob Reina has a passion for animals and is constantly thinking up new ways to give back.


The reach of Talk Fusion is wide. They have made an impact in over 140 countries across the globe. While their reach is wide, they want to go further. They will continue on to do what they can to give back as much as they can.


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