Lime Crime Has the Ultimate Color Palette

Lime Crime broke the mold when it comes to makeup products. They offer bright and colorful options and fun hues in lipstick, nail colors, and hair dyes. Their Venus palettes are packed full of coordinating, and popular shades that will liven up your makeup routine and they are as trendy as ever.

The Venus xl Palette features 18 fun colors to choose from in many different finishes such as matte, metallic, matte sparkle, and glow. There is also the Venus, Venus 2, and Venus 3 palettes that have eight different shades.

There are many ways to liven up your look and are pretty easy to incorporate into your usual makeup routine. An eyeliner will highlight your peepers, and you can get creative with the application. You can add some fish tails, go bold, go subtle, or create a sultry cat eye.

A good highlighter will highlight some of your best features, and Lime Crime has different trio palettes to choose from such as Blossom that has warm, cool tones and Mermaid that has blue and purple hues. The Opal highlighter palette has glittery shades that will make your skin sparkle, and they are all opalescent so you will get that sexy glow without overdoing it.

Purple is trending right now, and Lime Crime has many fun products that you can play around with and experiment with to create our trendy and fun look. Lime Crime has many Unicorn Hair Dyes, eyeshadows, and lipsticks to incorporate the “in” color into your look. Even if you are not a huge fan of purple, you are sure to find a hue that you will love to sport. You should always start with a good base foundation. It will help to keep your makeup in place throughout the day and will offer a nice smooth and even canvas, to begin with. You should look for a foundation that offers SPF protection, and that goes on light. You want to avoid heavy and cakey foundation that will not do anything for your look. The main thing to remember with your makeup is to have fun.

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