Kim Dao Writes a Song

When Kim Dao was a little girl, her parents gave her piano lessons. She still plays the piano sometimes. Kim Dao plays a Yamaha piano. She thinks she plays piano badly now since she had given up her lessons when she was 16. She regrets not continuing. Playing the piano for hours everyday, she was ready for her piano exam. Mostly, Kim Dao plays instrumental pieces. She played a song called Every Heart by BOA. Kim Dao played the one song she wrote, an instrumental. She wrote it in high school. Although Kim Dao wrote many songs, this was the only one she completed and claimed it had many mistakes in it. After about two or three years, Dao sat down at the piano and played it for us. She said that she composed the song with a friend. Dao claimed her songs had lyrics her friend wrote that she had misplaced.


When Kim Dao was in high school, she had a You Tube channel that she doesn’t like to talk about. She used it to display her piano playing abilities. She said if anyone is interested, they can find the link at the bottom of this video. She says the video quality was not as good as it is today. Their channel might be still up. Judging by the quality if the music, Kim Dao must have invested a lot of time in playing the piano during her youth. She claims she plays badly, but most people can’t tell.







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