Jim Hunt Issues A Challenge

PR Newswire’s latest August piece featured Jim Hunt of VTA Publications announcing that he could make his mother a tax free millionaire in just ten easy steps. Jim is so confident about his strategy that he posted the first step on his website, http://www.makemumamillionaire.com/. Jim denounces the old ideals that hinder the everyday, small scale investor, and hopes that this ten step program will help aspiring traders.

Jim Hunt’s big challenge vows that even his mother can be made into a millionaire. Promoting his new ten step program works to help investors look for the right stocks and how to compound their finances and to use simple mathematics to gain an advantage in the market, which predominantly caters to bigger scale investors.

VTA Publications is a publishing company established in 2012. VTA specializes in distributing economic and financial long distance courses. To ensure readers have top quality material, VTA has searched worldwide for specialists. This ensures VTA creates easy to read, and simple to use formats.

In addition to working as a publisher, VTA publications works as a booking agent. VTA also works to host special seminars that cater to financial events.

Wanting to give the power to smaller investors, Jim and VTA Publications look to give out more information to readers interested in finding success in the stock markets.

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  1. So far VTA has published hundreds of books and has been distributed to thousands of readers. Jim Hunt is so confident of his ten step program even his mother could become a millionaire. If want you can click through the following website page to allow these things to take effect and get more insight.

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