Jeff Herman Advocate For Sexual Abuse Victims


Jeff Herman is the founder and partner at Herman Law. Herman Law is a firm that is dedicated to ensuring that people who are victims of sex crimes get the justice that they deserve. He has attended Case Western Reserve University School of Law and the University of Arizona to receive various degrees. When he finished school, he had no plan on becoming a sexual assault victims lawyer. Herman was a commercial litigator before he changed his path in law.


Jeff Herman received his first sexual assault victim case in 1997 while he was still a commercial litigator. Herman met a lady who was furious after the 4-year-old son came home and told her that he was touched sexually by one of the employees at his school. Her son had autism. Herman took on the case and found out that the school had not been taking proper measures to ensure that their students were in good and safe hands. The school failed to do a background check and allowed a convicted pedophile to join their staff. The pedophile was able to abuse many students while he was working at the school. The situation could have been avoided if the school had completed a background check on the employee. Visit This Page for related information.


Jeff Herman became an advocate and attorney for sexual abuse victims after his case with the 4-year-old autistic boy. He has built a team at Herman Law that is able to complete thorough investigations and find out what happened to their clients. They have to make sure that everything they take down is right and documented. Justice for sexual abuse victims requires truthful evidence. He creates timelines to ensure that he has knowledge about the case. He makes sure not to let any information escape him. Misrepresenting a victim would cause the person to suffer in more in addition to their abuse.


Jeff Herman uses his platform to teach people how to care for people who have been abused. People who are not able to heal appropriately don’t usually live out their full potential because they have been damaged by a cruel person.


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