Jed McCaleb: CTO and Co-Founder of Stellar

When it comes to Jed McCaleb, there are few things he wouldn’t do in order to advance his company in the business world. The CTO and co-founder of McCaleb is already the man who leads the firm when it comes to technical development. Before he started Stellar, McCaleb was a man that was already gaining quite a bit of notoriety in the tech world. He was especially getting notice when it came to the cryptocurrency world.


McCaleb is someone who certainly knows how to get his foot in the door when it comes to the technology space. He’s well known as the man who started Mt. Gox. Those who aren’t familiar with Bitcoin might not realize he’s the man who had the very first exchange of the cryptocurrency in the world. He’s been involved in a ton of other startups that all have to do with moving forward in the tech sector and it doesn’t appear as though he is going to be slowing down anytime soon.


McCaleb started Stellar back in 2014 and after getting off to a bit of a slow start appears to be on the right track these days. The firm specializes in payment processing and while it takes the more traditional form of payment, it also works in the Bitcoin world.


The firm allows its customers to send and receive payment across all kinds of borders for a fraction of a cent. That means that those who send large quantities of money aren’t even going to realize the fee is gone. The firm also specializes in micropayments, making it that much easier to deal with customers without losing large amounts of cash. Finally and perhaps most importantly, Stellar has made a name for itself as a company that allows for different people using different platforms to exchange money quickly and easily. By taking advantage of this technology, Stellar is quickly growing into one of the most admired and popular payment processing firms in the country. That firm is being led by a CTO Jed McCaleb that understands the business better than most others.

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