James Dondero’s Pursuit To Give Back To The Communities

James Dondero or better known as Jim is an American entrepreneur who has created a name for himself in the finance industry, and more specifically in credit and equity markets. He is well known for transforming beat up companies and using his skills and insight on them to gain a more competitive advantage. He is one of the founders of Highland Capital Management one of the country’s leading company in the industry and acts as its president.

In a report by prnewswire.com, he led the company in a $1m pledge to aid the Family Place Organization, a charity organization that was began with the sole purpose of helping families that are going through violence and rescuing them. Since its conception families have been educated on the dangers of violence people have been taught on solving problems without violence and also help rescue them.

The ultimate amount the Family Place seeks is $16.5 million. The money will be used to build and expand the Central Dallas Counseling Center which will be used to rescue families and individuals who are the victims of violence in Dallas.

According to Dallas Links, the money will also be used provide material things, counseling services for the victims both adults and children and also a platform for people to be taught and awareness created. Dondero strongly appreciates the work the Family Place is doing and continues to commend and support them through his company.

  1. Dondero is an honours student of University of Virginia he also has a degree in Accounting and Finance from McIntire School of Commerce. He is a strong believer in education who has several certifications in CPA, CMA and CFA. Additionally, he has a soft spot for the communities and has a self-motivation to give back to the communities as often as he can.
  2. He has been involved in several charity organizations that help uplift and support people and projects from all backgrounds. Some of these organizations include Education is Freedom, Dallas Zoo and SMU’s Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars Program among others. He uses his education and experiences to better the society and the people around him.

Learn more about James Dandero: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/james-dondero


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  1. Many people today can agree that those that are involved in philanthropy are helping to reshape the society for good and the bigger picture is what they are after. Maybe instantassignmenthelp.co.uk the ultimate goal for them is to provide quality aid that can help recuse some victims who are facing violence crisis within. The motivation seems to be there and with more involvement they are sure to achieve much success.

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