Is Eva Moskowitz Really A Democrat?

A subject of debate that one might have these days concerns if Eva Moskowitz can really be defined as a Democrat. She certainly is someone who is in the political spotlight when it comes to the issue of charter schools, but some wonder if she really does belong to the party she claims she does.

Eva Moskowitz says that she is a registered Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. That being said, she has been very critical of Democratic Mayor Bill De Blasio and has even been a defender of Trump Administration Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

These two things would seem to put her more on the right wing side of the scale at least on the issue of education. Eva Moskowitz is a big defender of charter schools and has worked to get some of them up and running. She has met with Republican leaders in recent days to discuss options for getting even more of these types of schools opened.

Meetings like that and statements in defense of a Secretary of Education that most Democrats cannot stomach make Eva Moskowitz the target of speculation about her loyalty to the party. The party has even actively battled against her political ambitions in the past because she has not stood up for teacher’s unions and the like.

Eva Moskowitz for her part believes that the attacks are unfair. She even wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times taking a shot at the Times for their views on her. She says that it is a sad state of affairs if we now live in a country where one cannot speak with the other political party without having their loyalty challenged. If she hopes to get anything done with charter schools she will have to work with the Republicans right now as they have all of the levers of power.


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