Impressive Colors Of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a company that offers many types of makeup for women who want to show that they are unique and beautiful no matter what they wear. You’ll find that Lime Crime offers everything from brilliant blue eyeshadow to Velvetines in bright colors that include orange and pink. There are new products being released from the company all the time. One of the latest items is the Kingdom Metallic Gold semi-matte lip gloss. It has a sparkle while on the lips and doesn’t rub off like other products. Another item is Silverbelle. It’s a matte lipstick that has a bright appearance and glistens day or night. The Black Daiquiri semi-matte lip gloss is another item that has a different look. It’s very dark and brings out other colors of makeup that you wear.


You can easily find Lime Crime products on partner websites like UrbanOutfitters, and their BeautyBay storefront. There are pictures of almost every item that you can purchase as well as pictures of the different colors so that you can see what it might look like while on the lips, eyes or fingers. This is an idea that Lime Crime founder Doe Deere had as she wants customers to post pictures of how they wear the makeup instead of simply using a simple picture that doesn’t give customers an idea as to what they can expect. It’s easy to order online from the company website by simply clicking on the items that you want to purchase and checking out, knowing that you make a purchase of an item that is cruelty-free and beautiful on the skin.   Read some examples of why this should be the right choice for you on TeenVogue.

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