How To Keep Up With Your Online Reputation

Keeping updated with what people are saying about your business is not always easy. When you read reviews about yourself you never even knew it existed, it’s scary to think that such reviews have been hanging around there so often. Your online reputation is going to define what your business is noticed out to be, but there are ways you can keep a lookout of your brand and get on the right track.

Google Alerts

This smart little tool from Google is beyond helpful because you can type in a phrase or keyword, and whenever anybody types that onto the web and it pops up, you are alerted of the content. So your brand name being brought up on a review site you can keep up with through Google Alerts.


If you are a local business just getting started, it’s hard to know which review sites are using your brand name. If you haven’t taken ownership of your company name on several big sites, Yext can help you out on doing so. Simply type in your number and business name, and they can help you locate all the sites you are on so you can take ownership of those listings.


A great tool to use is the famous site Instagram and to utilize the power of hashtags. When you want to build a bigger brand name and spread the word, you can encourage users to utilize hashtags to create a branding component to your business. Keeping up with Instagram is the way to building your brand name and improving social media outreach.

The key to protecting your company is to know what people are saying and to understand what is going on with your brand. Online reputation is a huge thing with businesses today, and you need to know what you can do to save your company from dying down in case somebody says anything bad about your company. The tools above are known and explained to be the best online to help you gather information and know what others are talking about when they bring your brand into the picture.

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