Heather Parry Taking Live Nation Productions onto The Next Level

Heather Parry took up the role of president at Live Nations Productions (a productions company) in December 2015. Before assuming the role at Live Nation Productions, Heather held different positions in various productions companies.

After leaving MTV as a news anchor, Heather worked on multiple movies and productions. Some of the top film Heather has been able to work in as both director and producer include; A Star Is Born (2018), House Bunny (2008) and Pixels (2015).

Heather Parry has also been able to work with some of the entertainment’s heavyweights such as Sean Combs in “Cant Stop, Wont Stop: A Bad Boy Story)” (a movie/documentary). Heather has also worked with Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds in Believer; a documentary which tells the tale of Dan Reynolds’ relationships with the Mormon church, and the church’s stand on LGBTQ.

Heather Parry also worked with Lady Gaga in the documentary “Five Foot Two.” One of Heather’s most acclaimed works is her work with Adam Sandler in conjunction with Happy Madison Productions in “The Longest Yard.” While Heather enjoys working on documentaries, some of her most prominent works are movies that have been featured on the big screen.

The three years Heather has spent at Live Nations Productions has helped her better understand the production company hence maximizing on the firm’s productions for advertisement needs. Currently, Live Nation Productions owns an excess of 100 music festivals.

Heather has found both unique and captivating ways to advertise on these shows to attract a larger audience for the production company. Since taking over as the president of Live Nations Productions, trailers playing in the concession stands has been a common spectacle. Besides, Heather has created a trend of partnering with ticket companies to help with Live Nation Production’s advertising; something she claims plays a significant role in broadening the target audience.

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