Gustavo Martinez Is A Generous Entrepreneur Who Values Every Single Team Member He Works With

Gustavo Martinez is an entrepreneur from Spain who believes that people should always be genuinely interested in the opinions of others. Martinez previously served J. Walter Thompson Company as its chief executive officer and worldwide chairman. Before this, he served as the president of McCann Worldgroup and has also worked with Ogilvy & Mather in many different leadership positions.

Gustavo Martinez studied at the Universitat de Barcelona and earned his bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. in economics at the school. He also attended the Universidad de Navarra, where he received a post graduate diploma. Martinez has also served Spain’s School of Economics as a professor of marketing and economics. He has been working in the marketing and advertising sectors for over 35 years and continues to serve in these industries as a consultant.

Gustavo Martinez has referred to himself as a workaholic who works anywhere between 10 to 12 hours a day. He likes to wake up early so he can eat breakfast with his family before heading out the door. On most days, he checks his email and catches up on the daily news in the business world before going to work.

As a creative marketer, Martinez believes that diversity of thought and ideas is crucial to building a successful marketing campaign. He enjoys taking on the role of an inspirational figure with the teams he builds and always takes the time to recognize a team member when they have accomplished something big.

Gustavo Martinez has learned that a marketing firm must be loaded with many creative individuals in order to succeed. While workers from other industries may be able to simply punch in and mindlessly work before punching out, the marketing industry asks for a lot more from its workers.

Martinez has gone on record to say that marketers are similar to artists who use their raw, creative talents to reach customers. Many of them are independent contractors because they do better work in this capacity. He has admitted that he pays top dollar to bring in the best marketers because they produce the kinds of results he is looking for.

Gustavo Martinez has found that he is able to motivate workers through being generous and by listening closely so they feel important. He believes that every team member has something important to contribute and that a leader just needs the patience and openness to help bring out their talents.

Martinez has always been a believer in charity, but he thinks that charity must be performed out of the goodness of one’s heart. Many take part in charity to make themselves or their company look better, and he has stated that this is equivalent to paying money to advertise their business.

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