George Soros comes forward with liberal supporters to fight back Trump

George Soros is one of the leading business magnets, investor, philanthropists in the USA. With billions of dollars in his personal fortune, he is also one of the richest political activists in the country as well. He played a significant role in previous elections through his generous donations in millions. George Soros is a well-known supporter of American progressive and American liberal political causes. Since 1979, he has donated more than 11 billion dollars to some social and political causes. Although he has been a little silent in the political field in recent times, Soros is now back again with his political propaganda on Biography at the victory of Donald Trump in the presidential election.

Indeed, this was a shocking news to most liberal supporters to see Trump heading for the white house, and many of them are now concerned with the radical approach of this newly elected candidate. Hence, many of the liberal supporters are uniting again to discuss their future course of action. George Soros is also among those dedicated liberal supporters who met with each other in a meeting held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel to find out ways to fight back trump. This meeting was sponsored by Democracy Alliance donor club on, and a number of influential figures and leaders from the leading unions and liberal groups made an appearance in that meeting. This was the first gathering after the election that included multiple sessions over three days and it included a number of agenda including plans and political directions for the liberals.

According to reliable sources, this meeting was indeed a venue for most of the liberals to reassess their approach to politics as well as the role of Democracy Alliance on Democracy Alliance that comprises different donors and beneficiary groups has played a pivotal role in shaping the political situation in last few decades. This alliance was founded by some businesses titans including George Soros, Peter Lewis, and many other mega-donors to boost and support their political activities and parties. However, in this meeting, the focus has shifted towards scrutinizing the strategies this alliance has been following. While there were a number of frustrated members who simply marked their election strategies on Politicoas futile and opted for drastic transformation to cope with future, the majority is still optimistic and trying to make the best out of the current situation. Gara LaMarche, the President of Democratic Alliance, told the media that right now they are going to follow a lengthy yet strategic process to gear up against the Trump administration.

The meeting also included sessions on sustaining some Obama’s legacies including Obamacare that are now under threat from Trump administration. The idea of investing more in training states officials and developing policies was also considered on this occasion. However, alike other high profile meetings, this event also didn’t go without any buzz and media attack on the some of the members and their perspective against Trump. George Soros who seldom attend the Democracy Alliance meeting was also keen to attend this venue this time and proposed a number options for the alliance in upcoming days.

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  1. Over time we have known that George Soros is an ardent supporter of the Democrats and he has been providing their candidates with huge donations for campaigns. Making use of custom essays although he speaks out most at times against some of the policies that most arms of Trumps government has been making I don’t think he means to outrightly fight him the thing we should all be looking at is seeing a way were there can be an understanding between officials and citizens.

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