Fabletics the Forerunner

Showrooming is the phenomenon in shopping whereby shoppers only go to traditional brick and mortar stores to experience something they would like to buy only to then purchase the item on Amazon or another digital marketplace. Traditional retailers blame their low sales performance on the showrooming trend, and many times, without merit.


Recently, enterprising digital stores and even some traditional retailers use a model termed reverse showrooming. Reverse showrooming is when retailers take advantage of new emerging trends in their industries instead of placing blame on Amazon when it is really complacency at play.


Customers restricted by time already are looking for ways to still shop, but without the hassle of going into stores, choosing a product, consulting on the product, purchasing the product and then determining the logistics of getting the product home. It is much easier to go in to a store, look or experience the product and choose a method of purchasing, investigating and choosing the particulars of the product when time allows and then delivering the product cheaply and efficiently if not for free.


These types of forces would seem easy to cater to for traditional brick and mortar stores being adversely affected by the showrooming trend, but reverse showrooming is slow to catch on and not even an option in many cases because these traditional stores are not digitally inclined and have no educational capabilities in place to provide for this type of transition.


This is not the only method by which the traditional models are suffering. Combination brands like the athleisure market is offering opportunities in which proficient reverse showroomers are optimizing greatly. A pioneer in both the reverse showrooming and the athleisure trend is Fabletics headed by famous actress and now transcendentally successful entrepreneur, Kate Hudson. Athleisure clothing are athletic brands, but they are a clothing style that can transition into other daily activities of active people.


Fabletics caters to an online shopper as well as traditional shoppers giving an experience to both, and this type of marketing has seen their model expand their business above most players in the fashion world as a whole. Their subscription based service allows showroomers to test the product and then purchase the product at any location because the price is the same across the platform. Fabletics even offers shoppers a lifestyle quiz. This questionnaire allows shopper to determine the best Fabletics gear adding further convenience.

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