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Securus Technologies: Correctional Facilities Happy With Their Technology Solutions

A Securus Technology, Inc. has extended an open invitation to lenders and facilities to visit their new technology center. The company provides a revolutionized technology system that incarcerates the progressive environment that facilitates the improvement of public safety.


Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of criminal and civil justice solutions in technology for investigation, public safety, monitoring, and corrections. The company has published some comments from facility officers on their technology to prevent and solve crimes including inmates.


For this list, there is an inclusion of sample comments from email communications and formal letters that we receive from jails and prison officials all-over the United States most of these emails and comments come from the prison officials in charge of applying Securus Technologies’ Technology in the prison environment. This technology is intended to solve and prevent crimes and making the correctional facility environment safer and better.


According to this comments, they have been redrafted from a sample of states, counties, and facility names and how they have benefited from the technology. For this reason, this technology protects the innocent. The company produces technology solutions, on a weekly basis, to help correctional facilities and law enforcement companies to solve and prevent their crimes. Rick A. Smith, the Chairman and CEO of the company, said that they are committed towards integrity and maintaining their name in the correctional market. They will never cease to develop high-end solutions in technology.


According to the president of Securus Technologies, they have received thousands of emails and letters concerning what they build to fit the correctional facilities. The company has maintained a good name across all facilities receiving their services. The company continues to keep the societies, including inmates and families, safe and better to live. According to him, safety is part of our DNA. For us to serve and protect, it gives us honor.

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Securus Technology Provides Resource-Preserving Digital Automation

Securus Technologies has been around since 1986. This year marks its thirtieth year of operation. Since their inception, the company has grown national. Though it started in Texas, today 1,200,000+ inmates use some variant of Securus technologies. Investments in technology and surrounding acquisitions and patents for Securus are $600 million.

It makes sense with such a broad influence in the correctional sphere that Securus would branch out, providing additional services. One of their most celebrated new offerings is a means of digitally automating inmate complaint and grievance forms. The new platform is called ConnectUs, and it can potentially save penitentiaries thousands–or hundreds of thousands–on an annual basis. It all depends on the size of the institution, and how savvy its operators are.

If, throughout the regular course of an operational day, nine man hours are devoted to filing complaint and grievance forms by hand, then the end result is 63 hours a week wasted on the task. That translates to 252 hours a month. At only $10 an hour, that’s $2,520. At $20 dollars an hour, it comes to $5,040. Any reading this who work in corrective facilities are likely aware that more than nine hours a day necessarily gets devoted to such paperwork. And the cost of paper, printing, ink, storage–it’s all ironed out by Securus’ ConnecUs automated filing system.

With this system, program facilitators can ensure only that specific information which should be accessed by inmates is available. Complete customizable application control resides within correctional facility personnel control.

Approximately 13.8 forms per inmate per month are processed by Securus when ConnectUs technology is applied. Call it fourteen to iron out the math; in a facility with 200 inmates, that’s an average of 92 daily.