Businessman Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a versatile individual, having worked many different jobs in business as a chairman, executive officer, and president. He had quite a journey working hard at General Motors at the assembly line to then being a CEO, to then being an advisor for reputable company Goldman Sachs. At the time with UTC, his focus was crafted with ideas that yielded the great feedback from customers with a small team and good leaders to pass down the valuable traits. The main objectives were always followed. Chenevert is excited about the future of technology and what more it can bring to the world. The businessman is a graduate of Universite de Montreal with a degree in Commerce with a concentration in production management. Chenevert knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur and businessman ever since he was little. Born in Quebec, he knew that he needed to work hard and stay on the right path to be successful and he did just that throughout his life. Others have had nothing but kind words for the executive who was an integral part of the companies he has been with.

The individual had learned a lot working at General Motors, as mistakes there could cost the company a lot. After realization, Louis Chenevert did not want to work at General Motors forever, he became the president of United Technologies Corporations or UTC. Louis Chenevert did this for a couple of years before retiring. Despite hardships, the CEO was able to get through the obstacles and help out the brand with the cutting costs to manufacturing. The businessman had surprised many with his leadership at UTC, which made products such as security systems, elevators, and escalators, aircraft engines, among more. He would invest a lot of money into a specific engine that he thought was revolutionary. It turned out to be a good move as his other subsidiary company profited from it. The type of engine he invested in also turned out to be used for many airlines. UTC then profited with an increasing rate in shares and making a lot of revenue. The company became a powerhouse by Louis Chenevert and he has retired but has gone out of it before, so the future is still unclear for him.

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