Bridget Scarr and Colibri Studios Bring Creativity to Life

Bridget Scarr has enjoyed a notable career in the creative arts and has achieved a wide range of experience that helps her successfully bring to life diverse projects across various platforms. She has spent a significant portion of her career as a writer and a creative producer which is primarily comprised of helping the ideas of others sizzle and go over in the biggest way possible.

Her latest endeavor is Colibri Studios and with this venture, she is taking her career to the next level. This is a transition for her into the development and the creative aspects of content creation and it’s also a home for the wellspring of creativity that resides in her.

The platform that disseminates her ideas may vary and some of them include exhibition projects, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital content and traditional T.V. projects. This stimulating type of work involves collaboration with international broadcasters, project partners, and creative talent to help ideas grow and flourish into something noteworthy. This is also a place where all her ideas percolate together under one umbrella.

One of her recent projects was an augmented reality venture which allows people to learn about history through the experiences of everyday people. The stories are wide-ranging and feature real people with diverse backgrounds who lived through the historical episodes. This approach resonates with ordinary people of similar backgrounds today.

This type of project involves a sophisticated, experienced evaluation on her part as she must determine what is feasible and how the technology can enable reality for users. She must also cultivate a complete understanding of the history and then determine which landmarks bring about the most vivid aspects of the history. In this case, she worked with a partner who provided historical clips of audio and video from their library.

She then embarks upon a journey to find the real stories of the people who lived through the particular time that she is featuring. All of this is designed to bring about an emotional response due to the compelling history that is being experienced by those interacting with the project. Bridget Scarr must then find the right team to bring the project to fruition and sometimes this could take months to years.

Bridget Scarr works very hard to develop her creative spirit and she finds that taking time out can provide inspiration for new thoughts and ideas. She enjoys spending time with her son and taking nature walks to spark new ideas. She fully knows that creativity can strike at any moment and her career shows this very well.


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