Betsy DeVos: An Individual Who Is Working Hard To Improve Quality Of Education

Betsy DeVos is an active politician and also the wife of Dick DeVos, one of the wealthiest philanthropists in the whole USA. She worked for The Windquest Group as its chairman. TWG is an investment and management that is a private firm and based in Michigan. It deals in different service portfolio and consumer product. Elisabeth DeVos also was known as Betsy is an innovator, a proven leader, an advocate, and a disruptor.

With so much expertise and her philanthropy, she can be any one’s favorite personality. Elizabeth Betsy DeVos conquers different industry such as business, education, and politics due to her dedication and expertise and due to her hard work, she can remove barriers, and also worked hard to pass change and also create different environments where individual have an opportunity to thrive. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

She is in politics since more than three decades, and she was honored once by getting elected to the chairmanship of the Michigan Republican Party and not just at one time but continuously four times, and that in itself is an achievement. Before her selection, Betsy Devos has offered her services for many positions such as with party organizations, campaigns, as well as political action committees.

But nowadays she is working hard for the future of education for coming generation so that they can have a system which can turn them into a useful citizen. And for that, she is in contact with the best mind available in the whole country to come up with a solution that would be beneficial for the student, and that would allow the student to opt for education.

She took her formal education from Holland Christian High School and earned BA from Calvin College. And during her education, she found that education is the sectors that required immediate assistance and that are where she stood and started working hard to do something for the upcoming generation. He discussed that with her husband Dick, and they founded a family philanthropy foundation with their name “Dick and Betsy Foundation,” and the primary role for this organization is to help their nation in the education sector.

Betsy is also very active in her feminine community. She also held the chairmanship of both The Philanthropy Roundtable board and American Federation for Children along with few other notable organizations that are doing their role for the education sector in making it improved for their upcoming generation. She is very charming in nature and a person when met her, becomes her fan due to her appearance, the way she talks and her love for their family and the kids of her nation. She is living with her husband, and together they have four kids and five grandchildren. Visit to know more about Betsy.

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