Arthur Becker’s Unique Approach to Being an Investing Partner

Arthur Becker has turned into something of a powerhouse figure in the investment field thanks to his ability to dip into several different industries. Becker made his fortune working as a stockbroker before stepping out and stepping up in a variety of different fields including bio technology, regular tech, real estate and more. He’s willing and ready to share his knowledge with anyone who could use the advice which is, thankfully, most people.

For Arthur Becker the path to success in the investment field came through the technology sector. Becker worked as a CEO for NaviSite from 2003 until 2011 when he split off and diversified his focus. In 2011 Becker would start up Madison Partners, LLC where he now operates as the Managing Partner of the company. Becker’s high profile marriage to fashion designer Vera Wang definitely had an impact on the kind of work he chose to pursue. As a real estate renovator, investor, and re-seller he cites his ex-wife’s company with inspiring him. Becker says, “I would have to say that my inspiration has come from working closely with the Vera Wang Fashion company, where I learned a great deal about design and fashion.”

When you push Becker a little more about his company you will see that he’s been largely focused and on point since the beginning. Becker says that he found “almost an immediate profit on several investments in the technology side of things.” Becker was satisfied, to say the least, to see his company excelling so much in the field. Now Becker is trying to maneuver that success into his next venture in real estate. Becker says, “I essentially (now) make money by investing in unique properties which I renovate and fix up.” You can visit Bloomberg to know more.

Becker’s primary focus is on doing the best job he can while being completely prepared along the way. Becker says that he was never in doubt over his abilities because he took the time to be as prepared as possible. This piece of advice, he suggests, is the best way for newcomers to approach their desired field. Prepare as much as possible and the doubt won’t set in. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

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