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The Unheard Story Behind EOS Success

For decades, the lip balm industry has been dominated by a few major companies such as Blistex and Chapstick. The lack of competition has driven these companies to focus on cutting costs rather than pushing boundaries. While other entrepreneurs would see this as a dying market, the founders behind the Evolution of Smooth saw opportunity. In an exclusive interview with Fast Company, Sanjah Mehra and Jonathan Teller revealed the success behind EOS.

First and foremost, EOS decided to enter the lip balm industry with a completely revolutionized approach. Instead of catering to both genders, EOS designed and marketed their products specifically for women. After all, a large majority of all lip balm sales were accounted for by women alone. This decision allowed EOS lip balm to create a fashionable and aesthetic product that broke the traditional concept of lip balm.

Mehra and Teller hired a clay artist to create some mock designs for their lip balm product. They decided on a spherical orb that would feel satisfying to use. Additionally, the team decided to create several different flavors and colors to make their products more interesting and appealing. In fact, it is this versatility and variety that has helped to set EOS lip balm apart from the competition.

After successfully selling their product in major retailers such as Well, Walmart and Target, EOS decided to invest in their own manufacturing facility. This investment ensured EOS founders increased oversight and control over the final product. In the long run, it was also was a more cost-effective decision as the company continued to sell millions of units. Advertising was another important factor in creating the success of the EOS Company. Famous artists such as Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato were used to promote on Facebook the company’s unique style of lip balm. EOS actually became the most active advertisers in their market.

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The Exception Real Estate Development Strategies of Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

The United States’ reals estate development industry is a competitive field, and people need to be innovative for them to be successful. One of the leading professionals in the sector is Jason Halpern. He has been a leading real estate developer from close to three decades, and this has enabled him to acquire enough experience. Mr. Halpern has been conducting his ventures through JMH Development, which is a company that he founded in the early 1990s. He is the current MD of the real estate development firm, and its main offices are located in Brooklyn, New York. JMH Development has built an excellent reputation for the remarkable commercial and residential projects that it has completed in many cities across the United States. Halpern uses his skill and experience to guide the company in building top-notch housing. The strategies that he uses include renovating old buildings across the country and maintaining their historic features. His firm has been engaging communities in all its construction projects.


Halpern has developed outstanding real estate development expertise due to his background. Most of his family members are professionals in the industry, and his father owned a development company. His family has been actively involved in the field for three generations now. Most of their real estate construction projects have been in Brookline and New York. Jason has grown in the sector due to his commitment to developing state-of-the-art buildings by renovating old structures that are not in use. He consults locals before conducting any renovation projects.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft Property

One of JMH Development’s significant accomplishments is the transformation of 184 Kent Avenue that was located in Brooklyn, New York. The company modernized the building, and it currently comprises of luxurious apartments. 184 Kent Avenue was on the National Historic Register as one of the significant buildings in the area, and therefore, Halpern engaged the community before starting its renovation. JMH Development changed it into a residential building that comprises of 340 top-notch rental apartments. The transformation of the building was done in an innovative way that led to its recognition by the Building Brooklyn Award. The company also ensured that it maintained all the historical feature of 184 Kent Avenue

Jason Halpern: with Production

Jason Halpern also led his company in the development of the Aloft South Beach, which was a luxurious hotel that was located close to the Miami Beach. The facility was established through the renovation of Motel Ankara and was launched in 2005. The Aloft South Beach comprised of 235 lavish rooms that had excellent interior designs. The firm developed eight stories on Motel Ankara, but its most important features were retained. JMH Development has completed projects that are valued at over $500 million.


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A Hospital On The Beach?

You read that right. There is a hospital in Rio de Janiero, and it is right on Copa Cabana beach. It is called the Copa Star, and it is a hospital that deserves some closer inspection.

When a person enters the lobby, they are greeted by, not the usual seats and a desk with a receptionist or two. They are greeted by a grand piano. The seating is not the hard, uncomfortable airport-terminal type of chairs. The seating is on comfortable plush sofas and chairs. Added to that, there is artwork on display by the world renowned artist, Takuta Toyota. Those are things you do not normally find in a hospital lobby. You will find Mr. Toyota’s artwork throughout the hospital as well.

The hospital’s cafeteria is not a cafeteria. It is a restaurant, but not just some place to order hospital food. It is a five-star restaurant designed by a world renowned chef. The food is restaurant cuisine, not cafeteria food. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

Every patient in the hospital is giving a suite of rooms. In the suite, the patient is provided with an Ipad to use for their convenience. With the Ipad, the patient can control the drapes, the lighting, the room’s temperature, and other facets of the environment. They can contact the hospital staff or the nurse with the Ipad as well. The patient can even have video conferences with the doctor on the Ipad. The doctor can discuss and display the results of the patient’s tests on the Ipad.

There are a number of operating rooms in the hospital, each of them accommodating the latest, state of the art equipment. There is quite of lot of robotic equipment to help the doctors during tests and operations. The testing equipment is adjacent to the operating rooms. This is unique in that is most hospitals the testing areas are far from the operating rooms.

Patients in intensive care have a unique experience waiting for them. Instead of the dull, overbearing emptiness found in isolation, they are given a wide screen television. They can control scenery on the television, be it live video from the street below or the comings and goings in the hallways of the hospital. They can even get a live video of the scenes on the beach! This alleviates the isolation and the boredom of ICU patients. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

The Hospital Copa Star is the brain child of the president of D’Or, Mr. Jorge Moll. He aspires to build more hospitals like the Copa Star, one in Brasilia, and one in Sao Paulo.

The Copa Star’s building structure is different than other hospitals as well. It uses 50% of the energy of like hospitals!

D’Or operates a number of hospitals throughout Brazil.

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Betsy DeVos: An Individual Who Is Working Hard To Improve Quality Of Education

Betsy DeVos is an active politician and also the wife of Dick DeVos, one of the wealthiest philanthropists in the whole USA. She worked for The Windquest Group as its chairman. TWG is an investment and management that is a private firm and based in Michigan. It deals in different service portfolio and consumer product. Elisabeth DeVos also was known as Betsy is an innovator, a proven leader, an advocate, and a disruptor.

With so much expertise and her philanthropy, she can be any one’s favorite personality. Elizabeth Betsy DeVos conquers different industry such as business, education, and politics due to her dedication and expertise and due to her hard work, she can remove barriers, and also worked hard to pass change and also create different environments where individual have an opportunity to thrive. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

She is in politics since more than three decades, and she was honored once by getting elected to the chairmanship of the Michigan Republican Party and not just at one time but continuously four times, and that in itself is an achievement. Before her selection, Betsy Devos has offered her services for many positions such as with party organizations, campaigns, as well as political action committees.

But nowadays she is working hard for the future of education for coming generation so that they can have a system which can turn them into a useful citizen. And for that, she is in contact with the best mind available in the whole country to come up with a solution that would be beneficial for the student, and that would allow the student to opt for education.

She took her formal education from Holland Christian High School and earned BA from Calvin College. And during her education, she found that education is the sectors that required immediate assistance and that are where she stood and started working hard to do something for the upcoming generation. He discussed that with her husband Dick, and they founded a family philanthropy foundation with their name “Dick and Betsy Foundation,” and the primary role for this organization is to help their nation in the education sector.

Betsy is also very active in her feminine community. She also held the chairmanship of both The Philanthropy Roundtable board and American Federation for Children along with few other notable organizations that are doing their role for the education sector in making it improved for their upcoming generation. She is very charming in nature and a person when met her, becomes her fan due to her appearance, the way she talks and her love for their family and the kids of her nation. She is living with her husband, and together they have four kids and five grandchildren. Visit to know more about Betsy.

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Achieve Great Hair With Wen

Everyone wants gorgeous, bouncy hair full of shine and volume. We are always in the market for that perfect hair product that promises to make us beautiful if we use it. However, many shampoos lather, or contain sulfate, which strips the hair of natural oils, making it appear dull and lifeless. Most ordinary shampoos damage hair more than help it.

By using a “no poo” shampoo, you are using a shampoo alternative, such as a cleansing conditioner, which provides many benefits. You don’t strip your hair of its natural oils, and hair is not dry and prone to breakage. You also don’t have to depend on daily washing which can damage hair even further. No poo shampoos are meant to be used only a few times per week. They are safe for color treated hair as well as chemically treated hair. You don’t have to worry about your being prone to frizziness and breakage, which can be extremely frustrating. No poo shampoos are more nourishing and effective than ordinary shampoos that we are used to using.

Wen by Chaz cleaning conditioner is a no poo shampoo that provides beautiful, luscious locks of hair without all the harsh chemicals of ordinary shampoo. Your hair will shine, and be full of body and volume. WEN Hair conditions as well as cleanses in one easy step, and does not leave behind the residues of ordinary shampoo. Balanced cleansing provides the solution that we are all looking for for that perfect hair that we go to great lengths to achieve.

Find more details about WEN at

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Jeremy Goldstein’s PA to New Yorkers

Jeremy Goldstein is the founder and a current Partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The boutique law firm mostly advises corporations, government departments, and high-profile clients on all sorts of legal matters. Jeremy Goldstein is also one of the most accomplished attorneys on the east coast.

Jeremy Goldstein also has a compassionate heart for the less fortunate. He does a lot of work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. He also does work for the Fountain House, a charity that provides assistance to men and women recovering from mental illness.

Goldstein knows all too well how stressed out clients can be when they first walk through the door, and most of his clients are high profile. For common people, finding a lawyer can be even more stressful. There are so many practicing attorneys advertising for some many different specialties. How is someone supposed to find the right attorney?

Luckily, the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) of New York has created a more convenient way for New Yorkers to find the attorney they’re looking for. The LRIS’s new online portal offers a lower pressure way to get the legal help one needs.

The online portal is available 24 hours a day. If the individual would prefer to use the old phone service, that option is also still available, but not 24 hours a day. The new service also gives the individual added confidence about finding a qualified attorney.

The first step is filling out a confidential questionnaire detailing the legal issue. Next, the questionnaire is reviewed by a State Bar staff member who then matches the individual with a practicing, qualified attorney in their area. All referrals are free, but the first 35-minute consultation usually costs $35.


Visit to learn more.


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Oncotarget Goes Beyond Oncology

Oncotarget is simply a traditional multidisciplinary journal that offers free access. It publishes the papers online on a weekly basis, and each issue or paper is printable on special demand. The name of the online journal means all the molecules, pathways, as well as the cellular functions that are common in both aging and cancer. It also encompasses neurodegeneration, atherosclerosis, neurons, lymphocytes, microbes and cancer cells.

Under the leadership of well-known scientists, Oncotarget offers an incredible platform to the scientists or researchers who contribute to the developments in the world of science. The ultimate goal of the online journal is to bring about a life where the population knows no disease. Oncotarget’s mission includes:

To ensure that scientific results are available, not only rapidly, but also far and wide

To optimize the impact of research through insightful review

To permit the quick sharing of extraordinary discoveries

To remove the existing border between different specialties

To create a connection between the various fields of biomedical science

To nurture the application of both basic and clinical science in the fight against diseases

The recent success that Oncotarget has witnessed has triggered the launch of sections that are beyond oncology. The online journal is now publishing papers in fields such as Neuroscience, Metabolism, Cardiology, Pharmacology, and Cell Biology among many others. The Journal’s rising popularity is largely attributed to the presence of a constructive, punctual, insightful, and multiple peer review, that has helped, and is still helping the authors to boost the impact of their research. Oncotarget is published by Impact Journals

The members of the editorial board namely Carlo M. Croce (previously served as the Cancer of Research’s Editor-in-chief), and the Nobel Prize Winner, Andrew Schally, have published 27 and ten papers respectively, in Oncotarget. During the last four years, four members of Oncotarget have won the highest prize ever – Breakthrough Prize. They include Michael N. Hall, Bert Vogelstein, Stephen J. Elledge, and Alexander Varshavsky.

Oncotarget is the sponsor Gordon Research Conferences – a unique type of scientific conferences that are organized by the members of the community. These conferences emphasize the importance of new results and are normally structured in a manner that allows enough time for meaningful interactions, devoid of distractions. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.


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Roberto Santiago Invests In Manaira Shopping Mall, for Brazilian’s Convenience


In Brazil, Manaira Shopping Mall is the largest mall. It was established in 1989 and is geographically located in Manaira. Mr. Roberto Santiago is the brain behind the large, stylish shopping mall. He is a prominent businessman in Brazil, known for successful skills in investment. The mall ranks top in Brazil. At fifty-eight years old, Roberto Santiago has set an excellent pace for the youth and senior business prospects. Roberto’s career dates back to his first venture as a writer. With his knowledge in writing, he ventured into a blog. Through the blog, he offered business solutions through jotting catchy articles. Apart from writing, he is a director and producer of films. He owns the Mangabeira Shopping Mall too. View more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba.

Manaira Shopping Mall

Established in 1989, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is at the center of Joao Pessoa. The location is ideal and accessible to many Brazilians. It is a one-stop escape venue for all client needs. The services offered in the mall border entertainment, clothing, arts, and food. Most urban dwellers from the state of Paraiba depend on this mall for all their needs. The mall encompasses film theaters, gardens, bowling alleys, restaurants and food courts. According to estimations, the mall can be the size of a small to a medium city. It features banks, a college in the city and financial institutions. For entertainment lovers, the mall serves its purpose. It has a 3D center of entertainment for movies. The technology is advanced to the level of offering a state of art entertainment.

Domus Hall

The Domus Hall is located at the heart of this mall. It was established seven years ago. The objective of the project was providing an entertainment venue for international and domestic purposes. It is the entertainment hall. Its capacity accommodates more than 8,000 people. The hall is mostly utilized for exhibitions, live concerts, and cultural festivals. For lovers of the Brazilian culture, the Domus Hall is the place to be. The hall features various artists for music performance. Since its establishment, this hall has hosted several musicians like Ana Carolina and Jorge Mario.

Know more:

About Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a prominent businessman hailing from Brazil. His career dates back to him serving Café Santa Rosa. He later invested in a cartonage firm, a company that employs the technique of manufacturing decorations. After his cartonage business venture, he invested in an allotment. Presently, his career revolves around the two largest malls he established. He is a shrewd business professional with a passion for sports. He participated in motocross and kart events and bagged trophies. Santiago attended the Pio X-Marist School. He proceeded to UNIPE, University Centre of Joao Pessoa. For young and senior business prospects, Roberto Santiago offers insight on startups.

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InnovaCare Is Always There

When one thinks of Dr. Richard Shinto, they are constantly reminded by his profession. Soon they realize he carries a special gift unlike no other. For years Dr. Richard Shinto has put InnovaCare Inc. on his back and kept their healthcare boat afloat like they were sailing in the Dead Sea. Currently, Dr. Shinto serves as the CEO of the company and does a great job. Prior to the company, Dr. Shinto worked as CEO at another company. His history in leadership and management is unparalleled. Dr. Shinto possesses a charisma that very few people can. It cannot be taught. In fact, it is something that a person has to be born with.

Next, is Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope Kokkinides is someone who is of equal relevance. Like Dr. Shinto, Penelope is a talented individual and does a great job. Currently, Penelope serves as a Chief Administrative Officer for the company. For over 20 years, Penelope has worked her way up the corporate ladder redefining what it means to be a Chief Administrative Officer. Her work history is riddled with diligence and dedication.

Also, Penelope comes from an educational upbringing. She has a Bachelor’s degree as well as several other degrees. In fact, Penelope Kokkinides was a scholar. She was someone who was self-driven, motivated to succeed. Prior to InnovaCare, Kokkinides worked at another healthcare facility and was responsible for the company’s health model. Visit Penelope’s website at

InnovaCare itself is a company that has reshaped the healthcare industry. It is a company that understood the importance of solving intricate problems currently facing the healthcare market. Also InnovaCare prides itself on relationship building with their patients. Therefore, they built a model suited to the needs of their customer. This included being affordable, maintaining high quality and being cognizant of their clients. At InnovaCare, patients are a priority. Because of these high values, InnovaCare is an industry leader. Furthermore, InnovaCare added an additional person to the InnovaCare family. This is none other than Jonathan Meyers. Jonathan Meyers is someone with years of experience under his belt and the willpower to succeed. Currently, he serves as the Chief Actuary Officer at InnovaCare. With such skill set, it is easy to see why Innovacare has the reputability and respect that it has. To this day, InnovaCare has maintained a client base of hundreds of thousands of people and the number is only expected to rise. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

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Political Activist George Soros Is A Protector of Human Rights

One thing is true about Donald Trump. He doesn’t like to reveal his tax information. Several anti-Trump protests on Tax Day were trying to force the issue, but Trump is firm. He wants to be secretive and elusive. George Soros, the hedge fund billionaire, and Democratic donor supports several organizations. Some of those organizations are trying to show Trump uncensored. But Soros is not breaking any laws or stepping on any toes in the process of outing Trump for who he is. Some news stories about Soros are more fiction than fact when it comes to the Open Society founder’s intentions. George Soros is a Democrat and a freedom fighter. For the last 25 years, Soros has given organizations money to promote human rights, freedom, and Democracy. There is nothing sinister about George Soros. His intentions are good, and his mission hasn’t changed.

Soros is a cheerleader for social justice. He became a social justice cheerleader at the London School of Economics. Philosopher Henri Louis Bergson is the first person to use the phrase “open society.” An open society gives citizens the right to ask questions and change government institutions that restrict freedom and human rights. One professor at the London School of Economics wrote a book about that concept. George Soros was intrigued by the open society form of government. Years later, Soros founded the Open Society Foundation. The Open Society Foundation donates millions of dollars to organizations that promote the principles of an open society.

Hillary Clinton thought Soros was doing the right thing by promoting freedom and human rights and protecting the core values of Democracy. Soros was a major campaign donor, and he ultimately donated more than $17 million to various Democratic candidates. All of those candidates were supporters of prison, immigration, and social reforms. Governments that are closed and are nationalistic in nature are the opposite of free, according to Soros. Governments that take a position of superiority do not serve the people. They serve the leaders of the government. Soros is willing to spend millions to stop those governments. The Trump administration is riddled with superiority issues, and those issues will create an enormous amount of undesirable consequences for America and other countries. Know more on about George Soros.

Stories about George Soros and his political and personal contributions, continue to embellish the fiction that surrounds Mr. Soros. The real George Soros is the man who warns the world about a looming global recession and the pitfalls of a shoddy migration plan. Soros is the man who will continue to protect human rights and stand up for the freedom of all people. Soros is the guy that broke the Bank of England, and he is in the process of breaking Donald Trump for all the right reasons.