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Are Passive Index Markets A Good Option?

In a recent article that was published on CNBC online by Timothy Armour covers the topic of well-known investor and billionaire Warren Buffett’s investment strategy challenge that was issued to a group of prolific hedge fund managers. He claimed that he would be able to see a better overall return from investing in the S&P passive fund index as opposed to their approach. He ended up collecting on his bet which was simply to prove that investors were getting the short end of the stick by many of the available funds that are on the market.

Warren Buffett issued a letter that stated his opinion on the issue. He said that there are too many poorly performing or mediocre mutual funds out there that are not showing the type of returns that Americans should be seeing, especially those that have already or are about to retire. He also went on to say that many underestimate are simply not educated about passive index investments. A good return over the long run is what will be most beneficial to those that need a nest egg for retirement. Timothy Armour disputes his viewpoint, however, and he claims that the passive index market is not a safe strategy for the average American to see a safe return. Passive index markets are not safe from a down market.

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Timothy Armour is the Principal Executive Officer at Capital Research and Management Company. In addition, he also serves as the Chairman and the Director. He serves as the Chairman for The Capital Group Companies as well. He is and Equity Portfolio Manager by trade and has worked in the industry extensively. Mr. Armour has spent his entire professional career with Capital Management and entered their Associate Program initially. He has served in many different positions and has an in-depth understanding of the industry and that company in particular which makes him a highly capable leader.

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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Continues to Blaze the Trail

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a leading wholesale title and document processing company that was established in 1991 and today is the largest lien release and assignments provider in the world. Nationwide is the key choice of eight out of the top ten retail mortgage and banking organizations in the United States.


As with most successful companies, a big key to its success is its employees. Nationwide has over 570 exceptionally trained employees who are at the top of their game. They are very well trained and even have an additional 100 advanced training modules which help with advancement to supervisor and management positions.


Employees like working at Nationwide, and they tend to stay. The working environment is challenging in the scope of what the employees accomplish, but it is a very positive experience when the amount of backup and technology is taken into consideration. Everything is at the fingertips of a service employee, which makes their job more predictable and convenient.


For the past five out of six years, Nationwide has been voted by an independent agency to be among the top 100 best places to work, as pointed out by the Tampa Bay Times. That is an honor that not may companies would receive in a lifetime, set alone for several years in a row.


In a recent interview at a national convention, Nationwide CEO John Hillman was sharing some of the attributes of Nationwide’s rise in the mortgage industry. He mentioned the stress that the work requirements could put on employees if they didn’t have a way to compensate. The standards are high, but the ability to offer programs that make work fun is very important in a high stress, detailed type of work that is required in the mortgage industry.


Hillman went on to say that the industry talks a lot about compliance, but it is not always the final result that everyone hopes it will be. He said that the key is for individual companies to set the objects at the high point and then publically address the issues and meet the objectives. That will solve any compliance issue when it is successful.


Nationwide ranks in the top 500 fastest growing companies in America and it doesn’t seem like that is going to slow down. When you are in great demand, you simply create the infrastructure to handle it and plan for more growth. Nationwide is certainly poised to do just that and the future looks very bright indeed.


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The Natural and Organic EOS Lip Balm is Steadily Rising to the Leader in the Industry

In the past decade, things have drastically changed in the lip balm industry, and it can all be attributed to the sensational new EOS Lip Balms that have hit the market. Chapstick, original, cherry or mint, has been the leading lip balm for many years, in fact, it was the only lip balm besides the cheap generic brands.

EOS Lip Balm is a unique lip balm that comes in over 15 different flavors, which makes it very intriguing for the oversaturated market and the millennials who have adopted the new EOS lip balm products. One of the defining differences of the EOS or Evolution of Smooth products is that they are not buying into the cylindrical containers that Chapstick is known for.

EOS has designed a pretty, sassy round container that allows the user to apply the balm from a pretty little container. EOS also adds a fragrance to match the flavor in their products, so as they are used an inviting fragrance enhances the user as well.

It was seven years ago that EOS Lip Balm began to occupy the shelves in Walgreens, Walmart stores, and Target. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Kim Kardashian began using the little balls of balm and were seen with them everywhere. Then the latest thing in lip balms hit the beauty magazines and the L.A. fashion world, and EOS became second only to Burt’s Bees Lip Balm.

EOS Lip Balm is organic, which is presently in high demand. Today, it sells over 1 million units a week, and management has strategic plans for the future. As the lip care market is expanding and growing at a steady pace, EOS market researchers project that by 2020 sales will exceed $2 billion, which is outstanding for the lip balm company.


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How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Beat Out Amazon

It’s been an incredible four years for Kate Hudson. The famous movie star launched Fabletics, her athletic apparel brand, in 2013 and has watched the business grow to unbelievable success. Today, the company manages to outsell Amazon’s athletic apparel department which is no easy feat.


It all started when Hudson noticed a growing trend in the fashion world. “Athleisure,” which refers to the incorporation of athletic apparel into everyday wear, was becoming all the rage. Hudson, a self-proclaimed workout fanatic with millions of Instagram followers, came up with the idea of launching a workout apparel company that existed exclusively online.


She set up the e-commerce website based on the subscription service model. Customers can visit the website and browse through hundreds of sports bras, leggings and other clothing items or they can sign up to become VIP members. Upon joining the VIP membership, customers are asked a series of questions relating to their fashion tastes as well as their favorite types of workouts. Then, each month, Fabletics selects a complete workout outfit for them and sends it to their door for only $49.95 per month. Shipping is free and VIP members can opt out at anytime.


This convenient way of shopping combined with Fabletics’ stylish and high-quality clothes have earned the company an enviable reputation. VIP members like Heather and Joanie from The Krazy Coupon Lady and Teri Hutcehon from are glad that they decided to join the membership program. Upon receiving their first outfits, they were pleased to discover that Fabletics items are made with quality fabrics. Plus, Fabletics did an excellent job selecting outfits that fit their own unique styles.


Thanks to the success of this subscription service model, Hudson was able to invest in several brick-and-mortar stores across the country. These physical Fabletics stores exist as reverse showrooms, a concept launched by Apple. Customers can try on the Fabletics clothes in the store and then sign up to become VIP members online. When customers try on an item, that item is added to their online shopping cart. According to Fabletics data, 25 percent of customers who purchase an item in a physical Fabletics store end up becoming VIP members.


This strategy has proven to be successful. Currently, Hudson is planning to launch another handful of physical Fabletics stores across the world. It’s safe to say that Hudson has found her true calling in life as a bold and fearless entrepreneur.

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Adam Milstein: Real Estate Investor, Philanthropist, and So Much More

Adam Milstein was born in Israel. When he became of age, he served in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War. After leaving the IDF, he attended the Technion and graduated in 1978. Wanting to further his education, he moved the U.S.

In 1981, Adam Milstein began in attending the University of Southern California. In 1983, he earned his MBA and began working in Commercial Real Estate. Currently, Adam is a Managing Partner at a private commercial real estate investment firm. The company, Hager Pacific Properties, is a place where Adam can use his experience in a way that he wants.

Even though Adam has achieved much success, he still remembers where he came from. One of his many philanthropies is helping the thousands of Israeli-Jewish-American families in the U.S. Along with his wife, Gila, another native of Israel, he has founded and supported several organizations that aim to keep Jewish traditions and customs alive.

According to Jewish Journal, when Adam Milstein first arrived in the U.S., he dreamt of giving his family everything he didn’t have as a child. While working toward his MBA in entrepreneurship, Adam noticed several people coming to campus and trying to recruit young professionals.

Even though these recruiters had been in the working force for years, Adam felt that they weren’t offering him what he was worth.

Having considered the recruiters’ offers, Adam Milstein decided to venture out on his own. He started out as a Real Estate Commercial broker and saw three years of substantial success. His fourth year in the industry and he decided to become an investor. The switch from broker to investor didn’t bring much change to Adam’s life.

The main difference in the switch is that as an investor, he is now left with a lot of spare time. Rather than try to fill that spare time with meaningless endeavors, he dedicates much of his time to charities and philanthropies.

He also uses that spare time to bring ideas and dreams to life. He pushes himself and others to achieve the impossible.

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Madison Street Capital Begins 2017 on a High Note


Madison Street Capital recently announced that they were the exclusive financial advisor to ARES Security Corporation. They helped to arrange a subordinated debt and minority investment. ARES Security is based in Vienna, Virginia. It provides security risk management software to ensure safety for clients. Corbel Structured Equity Partners acted as the investors and providers of the debt facility. The announcement was announced by Charles Botchway who is the CEO of Madison Street. He said that Reginald McGaugh led the transaction. Reginald McGaugh is a Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital.


McGaugh stated that he had enjoyed working with Ben Eazetta who is the president and a shareholder of Ares Security. He said that Ares Security had a professional management team and board that worked with them to find the right financier. McGaugh recognized the company’s position as a leading provider of high-end technology solutions which are used to secure critical assets. Mr. Eazetta stated that he was glad about how Madison Street had gotten the job done and how they had worked together in 2016. He mentioned that their level of professionalism and attention to detail from start to finish impressed him the most.


Madison Street Capital reputation

Corbel Capital Partners is a structured equity fund with close to $100 million under management today even though it was launched in 2013. The firm typically makes minority investments in profitable private companies. This is why they were best suited to work with Ares Security. Ares decided that Corbel was the best fit for them and they were the most appropriate to structure their investment. This is because they had a flexible capital package and proved that they would be supportive throughout the course of the partnership. The deal allows Ares Security to continue realizing significant sales and to achieve its growth targets.


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that was started in 2004. Some of the services that Madison Street Capital provides include corporate advisory, mergers, acquisitions, tax, and corporate planning. They have acted as advisors to some of the largest deals that have happened in the past decade including Dowco’s acquisition of Acuna and the merger between the Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value.


The company has also won numerous awards for the stellar work and services that they have provided to clients. The company was recognized at the Annual Turnaround Awards this year. The company’s headquarters is in Chicago. The firm has expanded to several locations worldwide including Asia and Africa. Madison Street Capital has also been involved with some charitable organizations since the company was started. They support the United Ways of the Midwest and South Disaster Fund which funds disaster relief efforts.

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Traveling Vineyard – A Sweet and Intoxicating Business Model

Hosting wine tasting events at home is hardly the average person’s idea of making a living. However, for those who have tried it, it has turned out to be one of the best occupations anyone can ask for. Think about it: you get to taste a variety of wines at the comfort of your home in the company of potential customers.

This exciting new work-at-home occupation is made possible by Traveling Vineyard, a company with a soft spot for wine. Here is what Traveling Vineyard is all about.

Traveling Vineyard’s entire business model is based around wine. To start with, it has a line of 21 varieties of wine in three categories: red wine, white wine, and sweet and fizzy wine. Additionally, the company has a vast inventory of wine accessories including openers, decanters, chillers, and glass, among others.
Traveling Vineyard stands out from its competitors by getting freelancers to host wine tasting events on its behalf. The company currently has over 1,000 wine guides in over 40 states, and it is constantly looking for more.

Here is what it means to be a wine guide under Traveling Vineyard.

Becoming a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

For such an enticing occupation, it does not take much to become a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard. In fact, all it takes is passion for wine and a joining fee of $174 to join the team. The joining fee is essentially you staring capital as it is used to pay for the success kit for beginners and your first two tasting sets. However, there are a lot of money-making opportunities to be explored once you join the team; you just need to be good at socializing and marketing.

Follow @travelinvinyard on Twitter for more information.

Benefits of Becoming a Wine Guide

The best thing about being a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard is that there is no limit to how much you can earn. This is because the compensation model is based on commissions. The commissions range from 15 percent to 35 percent depending on your monthly sales volume. What’s more, the payment schedule is flexible as your earnings are directly deposited three times a month.

There are also several other ways of earning more money as a wine guide. For starters, you can recruit more wine guides and receive a commission once their earnings surpass a set monthly threshold. You also stand to receive unspecified commissions for outstanding work such as bulk sales. And, in addition to getting 20 percent off on your wine purchases, you stand to win all-expenses-paid trips for meeting some of the set milestones.


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George Soros comes forward with liberal supporters to fight back Trump

George Soros is one of the leading business magnets, investor, philanthropists in the USA. With billions of dollars in his personal fortune, he is also one of the richest political activists in the country as well. He played a significant role in previous elections through his generous donations in millions. George Soros is a well-known supporter of American progressive and American liberal political causes. Since 1979, he has donated more than 11 billion dollars to some social and political causes. Although he has been a little silent in the political field in recent times, Soros is now back again with his political propaganda on Biography at the victory of Donald Trump in the presidential election.

Indeed, this was a shocking news to most liberal supporters to see Trump heading for the white house, and many of them are now concerned with the radical approach of this newly elected candidate. Hence, many of the liberal supporters are uniting again to discuss their future course of action. George Soros is also among those dedicated liberal supporters who met with each other in a meeting held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel to find out ways to fight back trump. This meeting was sponsored by Democracy Alliance donor club on, and a number of influential figures and leaders from the leading unions and liberal groups made an appearance in that meeting. This was the first gathering after the election that included multiple sessions over three days and it included a number of agenda including plans and political directions for the liberals.

According to reliable sources, this meeting was indeed a venue for most of the liberals to reassess their approach to politics as well as the role of Democracy Alliance on Democracy Alliance that comprises different donors and beneficiary groups has played a pivotal role in shaping the political situation in last few decades. This alliance was founded by some businesses titans including George Soros, Peter Lewis, and many other mega-donors to boost and support their political activities and parties. However, in this meeting, the focus has shifted towards scrutinizing the strategies this alliance has been following. While there were a number of frustrated members who simply marked their election strategies on Politicoas futile and opted for drastic transformation to cope with future, the majority is still optimistic and trying to make the best out of the current situation. Gara LaMarche, the President of Democratic Alliance, told the media that right now they are going to follow a lengthy yet strategic process to gear up against the Trump administration.

The meeting also included sessions on sustaining some Obama’s legacies including Obamacare that are now under threat from Trump administration. The idea of investing more in training states officials and developing policies was also considered on this occasion. However, alike other high profile meetings, this event also didn’t go without any buzz and media attack on the some of the members and their perspective against Trump. George Soros who seldom attend the Democracy Alliance meeting was also keen to attend this venue this time and proposed a number options for the alliance in upcoming days.

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James Dondero’s Pursuit To Give Back To The Communities

James Dondero or better known as Jim is an American entrepreneur who has created a name for himself in the finance industry, and more specifically in credit and equity markets. He is well known for transforming beat up companies and using his skills and insight on them to gain a more competitive advantage. He is one of the founders of Highland Capital Management one of the country’s leading company in the industry and acts as its president.

In a report by, he led the company in a $1m pledge to aid the Family Place Organization, a charity organization that was began with the sole purpose of helping families that are going through violence and rescuing them. Since its conception families have been educated on the dangers of violence people have been taught on solving problems without violence and also help rescue them.

The ultimate amount the Family Place seeks is $16.5 million. The money will be used to build and expand the Central Dallas Counseling Center which will be used to rescue families and individuals who are the victims of violence in Dallas.

According to Dallas Links, the money will also be used provide material things, counseling services for the victims both adults and children and also a platform for people to be taught and awareness created. Dondero strongly appreciates the work the Family Place is doing and continues to commend and support them through his company.

  1. Dondero is an honours student of University of Virginia he also has a degree in Accounting and Finance from McIntire School of Commerce. He is a strong believer in education who has several certifications in CPA, CMA and CFA. Additionally, he has a soft spot for the communities and has a self-motivation to give back to the communities as often as he can.
  2. He has been involved in several charity organizations that help uplift and support people and projects from all backgrounds. Some of these organizations include Education is Freedom, Dallas Zoo and SMU’s Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars Program among others. He uses his education and experiences to better the society and the people around him.

Learn more about James Dandero:


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How Julie Zuckerberg is helping businesses to grow with suitable talent

In this ever-changing competitive market, organizations have now shifted their focus from systems to employees to better serve their clients and become successful. Now a day, the success of an organization doesn’t depend on its funding, technology or procedure rather the employees itself. If an organization has the right person doing the right job at the right place and time, it is destined to succeed. However, it has become quite difficult to find out talented employees that would best fit the mission and vision of a particular organization. But this is not a challenge for Julie Zuckerberg, the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank who has mastered the sophisticated art of talent acquisition.



Julie Zuckerberg is considered as one of the most prominent and efficient recruitment and HR specialists among the executives in New York. She has more than 15 years of all-embracing and hands-on expertise in hiring. In addition, she has served a vital role in providing some of the top organizations to hire their executives. Her expertise in the area of human resources management, more specifically recruitment has put her among the top recruiters in the country. Julie is currently based in New York, and she attended New York Law School and City University of New York-Brooklyn College before she started her impressive career in talent acquisition or recruitment.



Julie began her career in 2002 as Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson where she was responsible for recruiting attorneys, paralegals, case managers, and support staff and provided them HR support. After working at Hudson for five years, she joined Citi Global Functions as Executive Recruiter where she was exposed to the cutthroat corporate world competition. In this position, she had a greater role that included but didn’t limit to senior legal and compliance recruitment as well as manage entire employee life cycle. Julie worked here till 2011 and then joined Citi Global Consumer Bank as Executive Recruiter. This was a paradigm shift in her career where she started to recruit senior level executive globally and managed a more complex recruitment responsibilities. Later on, she became the Vice President & Executive Recruiter at Citi for her achievements such as developing full employee life cycle, a partnership with sourcing agencies and so on.



In addition to Legal and Banking sector, Julie also has experience in recruiting in the insurance industry. She worked as Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President for New York Life Insurance Company between 2013 and 2014 where she completed a couple of high profile and senior level recruitments. After serving here for a short while, she returned to the banking sector and joined Deutsche Bank as Vice President and Executive Recruiter to assume a leadership role to acquire top talents for this bank. Currently, she is serving in the Bank as Executive Talent Acquisition Lead and dealing with Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients, Asset Management, and GTO recruitment issues.



As a recruitment specialist, Julie has a unique approach. She prefers to work with the senior management from the very beginning and assist them in planning their manpower needs. She has sharp knowledge in identifying the best resources for the organization as well as the capacity to manage and retain those employees.